Proprietary location Tech

Our proprietary location technology is based on ambient sensor data which makes it precise to a radius of 10 feet allowing us to measure location not only at the store level but also at section level within large format retail stores.

Patent Pending Tech

Our Context Recognition Technology based on location, time, movement data, behaviour and other parameters is pending for Patent approval. The tech is deterministic and can read the context in real-time enabling conversations at just the right moment.

User Privacy

The platform doesn’t capture personally identifiable information (PII) of the users and therefore keeps user privacy intact.

High Engagement Rates

Due to contextual targeting, the CTR for campaigns ranges between 8% – 14% as compared to 2% – 3% CTR for notifications sent by the same publishers using other notification tools to the same users.

Fraudproof Advertising

The platform has been structured to leave no control with the publishers or any intermediary to cause a display or click event, thereby making it fraudproof. 

Bespoke Audience Profiles

Not only can the contextual platform take your communication to the most relevant users in real-time, but it can also create custom profiles dynamically in real-time as users move in such bespoke contextual buckets.